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I tried the Tweak'd restorative treatment for the first time today trying to clean my hair. I couldn't get it to even froth, which is what he says it will do. I finally just washed my hair with my regular shampoo. Does anybody have any suggestions? It's too late for me to send it back and I'd like to make it work.

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My experience with his restorative products are they do not froth, suds, etc. You just take the amount you need, rub between your hands and apply to dry hair. Just the ends to start. Then rinse, and apply in the shower a second amount (combing through) and rinse. I usually let this sit in my hair through the bathing and shaving process and rinse at the end of my shower. Hope this helps.

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I'm not sure which exact product you are referring to, but restorative treatment sounds more like a conditioner than one of his cleansing products.  I have only used his Tribal Chocolate 5-in-1 for cleansing.  I sometimes will put a bit in my hair before I go to the gym.  If I use a lot and wait 5 minutes as directed I may get a little foaming, but it's more by feel than actually seeing any foam.  I am accustomed to cleansing conditioners which don't foam anyways though.  

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It doesn't froth when I use it.  He did say it may or may not.  I have gotten great results using this and the apricot.

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It's not going to suds up. A small amount does the trick. When your hair is wet add just a little more and massage for about a minute. Rinse. Super simple

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I've been using it frothing or suds. Its great for frizz but my hair seems a little oily.