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I buy, online, from Tara Skincare.


No presciption needed.  $25-$30.


My last tube was $25 and large at 20 g.


Look for a 15% discount code. 




I buy 6 tubes (20g each) for less than $50 at AllDayChemist. Shipping is high but that's still a great price for 6 tubes.

I wouldn't be able to go through that many tubes before they expire.  I use two tubes each year.   My current tub expires in May 2025.





How many grams are in your tubes? 



30 grams.  The other tubes have been much smaller than this newest tube and so I was surprised when I received it a month or two ago.  It really is a lot.  Usually takes me 6 months to finish a tube, but this one will last longer. 

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AllDayChemist sells multipacks of 3 and 6, also singles. I usually receive long-dated products from them so I never worry about exp dates most of the time. 

They have one brand of tret which comes in a 30g size and that's what I got one time but it was sold out when I went to reorder so I had to buy the smaller 20g tubes of another brand. I usually have some leftover when I go to place a new order in about a year's time. Prices can't be beat even with the high shipping cost.

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@Sooner My prescription is written  at my annual skin checkup at my derm.  Retina A  is not covered by insurance.  I used Good Rx discount program.  I use the .05 in the blue and white tube.  I just got a years supply, brand (not generic) for 31.00 at my local pharmacy.  I still can deduct it from my flexible spending account.

How I get mine as well.  Each tube lasts a very long time.  It is not to be used a a more is better item, less is best.  It is one item in my arsenal that will always remain.

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@PrettyGerl I love your name!!  Super cute!!  I have a little neighbor that is about five (I think) and when i see her I always say Hey pretty girl!  She laughs, and smiles at me.  She has red hair and freckles and her mom says some of the kids in her school tease her about her red hair so she gets tickled when I call her that.  She is just adorable and will be knock out when she becomes a woman.  A funny thing about her...She loves veggies and always says to her mom....more color on my plate please!!  Can you stand it!!

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I can't any longer go up past 0.025%.  And I get many compliments on my skin.


I would try what your doctor made for you.  Go every 3rd day if you have to.


Give it a try!