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@just bee  I know the new bottle is white glass.  This is an old thread.

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@Katcat1 wrote:

@just bee  I know the new bottle is white glass.  This is an old thread.



Ah... so it is.  Woman LOL

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I have been using the Trader Joe's Organic Argan Oil and their Rose facial oil as well as their SPF 15 daily sunscreen moisturizer. I am on my 4th or 6th bottle of each of them  - love them all! They are great products at a great price! I highly recommend them!

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Can't wait to go shopping at TJ's. 

Looking forward to trying out some of their body butter. I wonder if they have sugar scrubs also. Hmmm ...

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@scatcat wrote:

@dex wrote:

@marmarbrooklyn I bought that pumpkin cream and while agree that it is a good moisturizer,mine smelled like play doh and I really didn't like that at all.i am surprised by how you nicely describe The scent and am now left wondering if there was something off about the one I purchased.

Everyone has a different tastes in scents. When I was buying the pumpkin body cream the check out man asked me why I wanted to smell like a candle 

Wow, that was quite rude of him! My sister gave me some as a Christmas present and I love it. 

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We don't have a Trader's Joe in the state where I live. I loved visiting the one out in Ventura, CA when I visited my family years ago. I looked on for Argan Oil. When I finish up the bottle I have of Josie Maran's, I plan to start buying mine on there. She's making tons of money off her name, but you can buy the same thing for a fraction of the price online.  I like her body butter, but it too is overpriced.

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I was buying emu oil from a company where I buy my other products (I have a salicylate allergy) and it was about $30 for a tiny bottle. I searched on amazon, read reviews, googled products and bought one at amazon that cost about 1/4 of the cost. It's working the same for me...

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Lots of natural foods stores have good stocks of oils and body products.  I love Jason's rose scented body wash!  I also have rose hip oil from there that is really nice and rose scented and lavender scented face and body spray--all at great prices.

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Wow - I went to Trader Joe's today and saw on the shelf "100% organic argan oil" - I decided to buy it because it was so cheap - I figure I could use it on my heels.  It says product of Morocco 100% organic argan oil.  Once home I compared it to my new bottle of Maran's argan oil that I just bought.  There is completely no difference in texture, smell, feel.  For $6.99 a bottle - I went back and bought more bottles so I can drench myself in it this winter.  I think I'll keep buying Maran's whipped creams because those don't sell over the counter.  But as far as the oil - this $6.99 one will do just fine.

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Why can't I live close to a Trader Joes!!!  Beauty/lifestyle guru Taylor Wynn must live in TJs.  Everything she shows looks soooooo good!  She showed the Pumpkin Body Butter.  They need an on-line store.  The closest one is 1hr 15mins.

trader joe's pumpkin body butter (#bestofbeauty)