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My go-to's are always prime with Tightline by IT, then Bad Gal by Benefit (really separates and holds curl)  or Perversion by UD, and Dior.  They take forever to get off even with using Lancome eye makeup remover though.  I always use an eyelash curler.  I have used LG GlamLASH mascara but found they dried out quickly, but I liked them!


Bad experiences with the new Mally mascara (the white tube was my HG forever!) , IT all of them, except Tightline, Lash Paradise, and most drugstore brands they just flake off and do not hold curl the way I like.

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@shaggygirl Speaking of fibers....I used Youngique and had fibers all over the place!  I even had one get under my contact, and be in the corners of my eyes in the mornings.  I threw it out!!!

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Many of the women in my former workplace went through a Younique phase.  I skipped it because they all appeared to have spider legs under their eyes.  


Right now, I'm loving Perversion mascara.  This, however, changes all the time.  Mascara is one of those things for me.  I usually don't buy the same one twice in a row.  I might come back to it, however, once I inevitably forget how it performed.

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I rarely wear mascara because of glasses but I did buy Essence Lash Princess. The tubes are black but they have different colors on them according to function. Mine is the green. It stays on all day. It also lasted during me crying watching a cat rescue video, no streaks. It's only $6. 

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The  all time, very bad, most horrible,  worst mascara I ever had-----was from SKINN---got an empty tube with a cap---no mascara, no brush---just empty--but it was all sealed up---didn't curl my lashes, didn't make them look lush and long---just emptied my wallet!!!!  Actually it is pretty funny--Woman Wink---it was part of a kit and didn't use it as I had one already opened, so too late to complain----

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@LuvmyLab wrote:

It Cosmetics superhero mascara is the worst! Clumps, flakes and looks horrible on. 

I received that mascara in the December It TSV and I was surprised by how messy messy messy it is.  Just putting the wand in and out of the container once a day can get all sorts of goop on the outside.  I've also experienced clumps and flaking.  I'm glad I tried it, but don't plan to repurchase.

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Around here the Katy Perry displays are full--like no one's buying the products with her name/face on them.  

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If I remember right, wasn't Katy Perry selling shoes previously? Quite a jump from shoes to mascara. Just saying....anything for a buck.

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I have tried them all.  I even sold Lancome....What i have rently tried.  I took advantage of a duo special.  Korress.....They are GREAT..all the products skin...and now mascara..It is amazong...NO clumps..beautiful.......I would bet you would love it.,  Let me know if you want to take me up on that !!!  I mean it GREAT product.

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I thought Maybelline "Great Lash" was the worst mascara ever.  Ugh.  Hate that stuff.

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