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Just wanted to say, I too am a lowly insider. haha.


Us poor poor soulsWoman Frustrated

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@GingerHead wrote:

I just wanted to say that I, too am a lowly insider. haha.


Us poor poor soulsWoman Frustrated

I am an insider as well. I am platinum at Ulta. I go through phases where I am in and out of makeup and skincare, and I never bought much prestige, so Sephora never really interested me. I had some issues with my hair and broke down and purchased some prestige hair products at Ulta, Combined with TikTok and that made me decide to up my prestige product game. Before that, dupes and drugstores were my jam. I still use drugstores and dupes, but I am at a time when I decided to start splurging on myself.  

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I got the MAkeupforever new foundation and the Patrick Ta one.Haven't tried them yet. 

I hope the Valentino brow pencil will work for me. I tried so many brow products. 

The only one I can use now is a brow powder, but Roseandben uses the Valentino one and she looks great. 

I want the Gucci bronzer and Dior highlighters, but I have so many  that I have to use first.

I ordered also Sephora brushes. They are excellent and I have the Rosenandben ones, which are the very best in the market.