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Re: The Pixie is Back, Jack!

I am actually wearing my hair a liitle longer than a Pixie now.  It's a very short bob with layers and I love it.  Sometimes the hair stylists would cut my hair too short when I wore in a  Pixie.  Enjoy your Pixie.  I go for another cut in 2 weeks.

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Re: The Pixie is Back, Jack!

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Finally (!!) got a haircut yesterday!   Yay!  I know most of you have been to salons in recents months, but I've avoided them.  As I've avoided all public spaces.  My pixie hairdo had grown down to the tops of my shoulders since my last haircut at the end of February.  My 'long' hair was driving me crazy!   Crazzzy!


Today, my pixie is back!  (sure have missed it) 


@tototwo  Congrats on your new (former) pixie cut! I've had a pixie most of my life and only let it grow out so I could wear it up at my wedding and kept it long for a few years before cutting it very short again. When COVID closed the salons, I had already started growing out my hair again, but intended to only reach a chin length bob without layers. Well, I still have not gone for a cut since Feb. My hair is covering the length of my neck and will hit the top of my shoulders in several months.


Do I like it? I love the versatility of putting it up in a ponytail when I'm exercising or middle part, side part, dry naturally curly (most of the time) or occasionally dry it fairly straight. Also it's great not having the frequent cuts to keep a pixie cut neat and maintained.

BUT there's still always that pull when I remember that cute, perky pixie. It's probably in my future. I've never gone this amount of time without my hair being about 2" long or less. 

'Enjoy your cut!!!!!




@Shanus - Your story is almost exactly like mine! I always had short hair, but even though I swam every day I let it grow during high school and college. I went back to super short after college. Having naturally curly hair I would wash and scrunch! I was never one to spend time on my hair! 

That summer after graduation I met DH. On our first or second date he told me that even though everyone thought most guys liked long hair, he actually liked short better. The stubbornness in me took over and I started to let it grow! It was shoulder length when we were married!

I went short again a few months later and stayed there until some years ago, when I grew it out a little, but always around chin length. I never blew it dry or did anything else. I had the Meg Ryan in Top Gun look! About a year ago I started letting it grow longer. Of course this meant I had to take care of it more, which I have done once in a while (blow dry it straight) 

From quarantine on our stories are the same except I have been in twice since late summer for a trim and color. My stylist likes it longer, and people who see me on Zoom meetings and such say I look younger! I do enjoy wearing it up or in a ponytail!

So for now I'll keep it longer. DH had never seen it this long, but he likes it too. When the time is right I'll go short again! I am tempted!  Smiley Wink


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Re: The Pixie is Back, Jack!

My hair is long for me. It has many colors. Especially gray. Hope to go by the end of the week.

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Re: The Pixie is Back, Jack!

Went today. The owner did so much for Covid I think you could do surgery in her shop. She has a high end clientel including doctors from the medical buildings next door.


I have an Anna Wintour bob. I also get a split end treatment every three months.My stylist somehow knows I'm not from the wealthy crowd and never pushes anything extra. 


He's the main colorist and he said many of his clients are going grey. It is the perfect time to do it.

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Re: The Pixie is Back, Jack!

I was forced to wear a Pixie as a little kid and hated it. Never had a Mom Bob, either. They're just unimaginitive styles I see everywhere.


I've been avoiding the salon by coloring at home but my hair hasn't been this long since HS. Like below the shoulder blades long.


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Re: The Pixie is Back, Jack!

@tototwo , isn't it just the best feeling ever to finally have your hair looking the way you want it?


As another pixie wearer, I know just what that feels like!

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Re: The Pixie is Back, Jack!

@Snowpuppy are we twins?  I was forced to have a very ugly pixie when I was a kid.  And, becuase I have fine hair, a bob is always what is recommended. No way, no how.  


I've been going to the salon since June.  I had such a bad hair day today I absolutely can't wait to get my perm, but it's not until the end of October.  It will have been an entire year since my last one.  I guess last time I was in a couple of weeks ago she cut off the last of the curl in front that I need to style my hair.  Still plenty of curl in the back.  Or maybe that Moremo treatment I used today just made it too limp.  


Funny, last time I was in, we both wore masks.  When she was finished she gave me an empty station to dry and style my hair (I always do my own).  Her next client walked in wearing scrubs.  I noticed before I left that he was not wearing a mask.  I was particularly surprised that he was getting a perm.  I didn't think guys did that anymore, not that it was ever really popular for guys.  He didn't have that much hair.  I would think it would grow out really quickly.