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I use taupe eyeshadow on my blue eyes, always have, always will. Unfortunately, the cool-toned taupe eyeshadow I've used and loved for the last several years has been discontinued.

I would love to know your favorite cool-toned taupe eyeshadow.  I prefer cream eyeshadow, though I'm not opposed to the silkier pressed powder formulations. 

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Mally's stick eyeshadow in Over the Taupe is a good one.  I have blue eyes also and love this color.  And it stays put!!

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Re: Taupe, anyone?

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@youngjude  Bobbi Brown has beautiful eye shadows.  A little expensive but Clinique would be less.

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Butter London's Driftwood Sheer Wisdom Serum Shadow is very nice.

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Clinique eye shadows (regardless of formulation/cream/powder) as the best for me. 

I can put on my shadow in the morning and when I get ready to wash my face that evening  my eyes always look like I just did them. I found out before the pandemic that my best friend at work just assumed I reapplied eye make up during the work day; she was really surprised that it was only one first thing in the morning application. 


Mally's original mascara used to also be the same way for me, but not after the formula changed. 


Clinique has some great taupe shades but my work horse is the pink chocolate quad. 

(I have brown eyes)

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@youngjude  Bobbi Brown has a shade called Taupe, but Cement and Blonde look more like like what many other brands call Taupe.  The Bobbi Brown Taupe has a warm undertone.  I can wear it and I usually can't wear eyeshadow shades called Taupe (the color more often than not looks ashy on me). 

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In addition to Bobbi Brown, I'd recommend the Laura Mercier eye shadow sticks. These are long-wear and works great on my very oily eyelids. 

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Hi even at 56 I have oily skin so I prefer powder I've tried creams but they don't wear good for me  . I have brown eyes but use a taupe in the crease and under lower lid . My favorite is Incognito (gray brown) by Senna Cosmetics 

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Bobbi Brown gets my vote. I have hazel eyes and her pallettes work fo rme as well. I like that she has selections that are matt and not so much glimmer. I'm in an age where glimmer or shiny is not a good look. Hope you have luck with BB,

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Another vote here for Clinique.  I can't recommend a particular color, but I can recommend the brand.  Long lasting and not too pricey.