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Went to the nail salon today & got my nails & pedi done.  I swear I have the best nail tech in the big H!


My pink, red ombré nails & my patriotic pedi!





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Pretty nails.  Sort of French manicure on steroids.

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Very, very pretty @SurferWife ! Your nails look like the ombre' sunrise that totally blew me away this morning. awoke to blazing shades of red, pink and orange enveloping the early sky. It was your manicure! 💅🌅🧡

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Very pretty 😍

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@SurferWife , good for you darling!

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@SurferWife   Very pretty! I was going to do either ombre or gradient nails yesterday. But while I was picking polishes I came acroos a magnetic one and went that direction. Then I decided to use one of the stamping plates I received yesterday and ended up covering up almost all the magnetic design.

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Stunning @SurferWife !  I'm jealous.  Smiley Happy 

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@SurferWife  Very pretty!!  Our salons just opened here last week.  Unfortunately they are only doing hair for now.  I cannot wait to have my nails done.  Happy for you Smiley Happy

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Looks great!  She did a great job blending the colors...I'll have to ask my nail tech if she knows how to do that!

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Very pretty, @SurferWife ...I like both mani and pedi, but I must say the mani is a stunner!