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Are these products worth the money? I'm in my 60's with quickly aging skin, I need something that actually works.
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Paula's Choice skincare.

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I also am in my 60s, for me using different products is best for me. I love the Tatcha serum. My other go to products are LeMer face wash and scrub. The oil is fabulous. Drunk Elephant serum and moisturizer is fabulous also. So you see I switch it up. Oils are a must at this age. This is all my opinion and what has worked for me. Good luck. 

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Worth a try...I think 

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LOVE Tatcha!!  I am 65 and have used their products exclusively for the last 2 years and my skin has never been better.  I love and appreciate the beautiful packaging and the scent of their products is divine (although it's very light and dissipates after application). I am worth the price, BUT,.....I  never pay full price.  QVC usually has great deals, including their yearly TSV.  In addition the Tatcha website has occasional sales, including a very good after Christmas sale. Having a soothing, luxurious skin care routine is something special I do for myself, and I'm so glad I found Tatcha.

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I have tried and love Tatcha. I have personally used Perricone for a number of years and it is best for my older skin. However, I always say that if there comes a time when I cannot afford Perricone, I will go to Tatcha.


I purchased their trail size four-pack a few years back and really liked the products. I think it is a very good line of skin care.


Side note......when I was in Japan a couple of years ago, every skin care place I went to, there was nothing called Tatcha. I thought it would be well known because of how the owner talked with geishas when formulating the product. Unless she carries it under another name in Japan, I couldn't find it. Was curious on how the pricing might be in Japan, where so many things are expensive.

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I am in my 60's and recently tried small sizes of Tatcha. I have large pores, some acne scarring and uneven texture. I have tried sooo many skincare brands and was using Dr Denese.  I started Tatcha and gave it a week. Then I took a hand mirror and decided to look closely at my skin (something I always dreaded to do).  Well, I couldn't believe it....I thought I was looking at a different face!  My skin looked totally different. Red blotches gone, skin smooth, pores much less visible.  I could have cried.  After years of searching, I found my skincare line!  I used the deep cleanse, the essence, and the rice polish deep. I just placed a large order with Tatcha during their 20% off sale. I think it's a skincare line definitely worth can start with the smaller sizes in a kit. And watch for the sales!

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I am a fan of another Japanese company, Shiseido.  My skin was in awful shape recently from over use of products or under use--I'm not sure, but going back to a simple routine helped and Shiseido was the winner of a few things I tried.


My skin is very sensitive but oily and old.  Products from this brand, especially sunscreens without Avobenzone, work well for me.

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I've wanted to try Tatcha for a while and thought I would wait until a TSV.  However, my fear is that I will try the line, love it, and then not want to go back and its just really hard for me to justify spending that much money on skin care.  Prices are really expensive.

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I always look at the price first because for me no skincare product is worth going broke for. Addressing the seven signs of aging should not have to cost an arm and a leg.