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Re: Tatcha Rice Polish Duo

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For anyone familiar with this product, what is the difference in the Gentle and Indigo.


OK, I jsut watched the presentation, I think she said the GENTLE is for dryer skin and the INDIGO is for sensitive skin...I think I will go for the gentle.

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Customer Choice Nominee on a new product with no reviews.  Did Q just change the item number to reflect the "duo".  If so, why weren't the reviews brought forward to the new number.  Strange.

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Tatcha Rice Polish is not new.  I've been using it for about 2 years.

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Re: Tatcha Rice Polish Duo

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@MrsCat21  The Gentle is for dry skin but I use it on my more normal skin. The difference between the Gentle & the Indigo is that one of the ingred's in the other formula's was eliminated in the Indigo for sensitive skin as it could be a irritating.

  ETA: at the moment that ingred. escapes my memory. But if you have any skin concerns then the Indigo would be the way to go. If not the Gentle is a good choice.