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3 lipsticks for $109???  Are they kidding?!?!?!?!?

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Some people just have too much money, I guess...

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Sadly, no, but I bet with easy pay, people will talk themselves into buying this overpriced lipstick. 

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Sure you can find lipstick priced significantly lower. But also higher price - Chanel, YSL, Givenchy, etc.


Posters recently posted about purchasing Charlotte Tilbury lipstick that is priced $30+.


Is it crazy? Some will call it crazy if you buy brand T but brag if they buy brand C  even tho the prices are similar. There are similar types of posts in fashion. 


Guess it depends on your priorities, budget, desires...Woman Wink  it's not your $$$ that someone is using for their purchases and there are plenty of competitive options. What's the bid deal????

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Check out A356402 Givenchy Le Rouge Crocodile Leather Lipstick. Only $ 300.00. Here on QVC. Yes, you read correctly, no typo mistake. One Lipstick for $ 300.00.


3 Lipsticks from Tatcha for $ 109.00 is a steal. Smiley LOL

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@bargainsgirl - I saw that last night too and thought the exact same thing. Crazy. 

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Why can't QVC sell higher end products?! Not Everyone who shops on Q is necessarily on a budget, or their budget doesn't mirror yours. They sell items that appeal to a variety of incomes. Their jewelry, clothing, even vacuum cleaners are sold in different price ranges, so why should their makeup items be any different? 

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I just turned channel by that last night and I thought you have got to be joking lol. NO way.  Just a waste of money when there are great lipsticks and lip treatments much less costly!

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The lipsticks did look nice but way out of my price range for now.

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I wouldn't buy 3 lipsticks at any price, but in the life I thought I was living as recently as 2 months ago, I would have bought one at a third of that price.