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Well this answers - that....................

Having short hair - have always wondered how does one easily undisturbed turn over during the night .........when laying on your long hair?


Problem it up

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I have hair past my bra line pretty much always have my entire life, I always use a little oil/serum (just a tad) and a silk pillow case, I just plop my hair up over the pillow and sleep with it down, when I started pulling it up I could tell I was getting a little thinner from traction pulling, I just leave it down, it just works best for me, with the silk pillow case it helps a lot.

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@SilleeMee wrote:

Just recently I stopped wearing my hair up, loosely, in a top knot. I've done that for years. I believe the nightly pulling, though not tight, was causing me to experience traction alopecia (you can look that up). My hair is long and somewhat heavy so that makes sense to me. The bun on top was too heavy for it to be in one spot where it was putting too much weight and pulling in one spot on my more. I want to keep my hair from falling out so now it flows freely at night.

I have fine (but a lot of it) waist length hair and I am sure tobrush my hair at night and I use a silk lg.scrunchy (I like Slip brand from Sephora) to very loosely braid my hair in back. When I lay down I can lift my braid to the side and not lie on it.

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My hair is past my shoulders, and I have never put my hair up at night.



I sleep in my stomach, and my hair is never in, or on my face.



My pillow case is cotton.




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Yes.  I've been wearing my hair up at night for many years.  Can't stand my hair being down at night.  I"ve been wearing it up during the day too because now I can't stand it all down much at all anymore.  That, and I just seem to get my hair to do anything anymore.  

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I always wear my hair up at a restless sleeper and can't stand it all over my face.  I even put it up when I'm home most times...its just annoying.  My hair is a longer bob length with bangs.

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@JennyBr wrote:

I wear my shoulder length curly hair up on the top of my head at night with one of those spiral type holders, very loosely, and my hair looks perfect in the morning when I take it down. Much more comfortable for sleeping, and my hair doesn't get all frizzy from sleeping on it! 

Same...I use a velvet scrunchy, I do a top knot (just double the pony) comes out fine. I have just below shoulder length hair, thick, wavy...comes out fine...sometimes gives it more body, lift and a nice wave.


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My hair is quite long so I put it up at night in a scrunchy. 

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I have long hair, it falls halfway down my back.  Even as a kid, I never put it up at night. I just sleep with it down.  I guess I'm just used to it.  But here is a funny bit.  I have 2 cats who sleep in bed with me at night.  In the morning, when they are ready for breakfast, and want me to get up to feed them, my one cat Sophie pets me. She sits behind my head and takes her paw and starts to pet my hair.  Her way of saying get up, I'm hungry. Gotta love our pets!  LOL