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Thank you ladies one and all for your input. I think my hair is over Wen. It just does t seem to respond the way it used to
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@Teddixat Thanks for posting your Q. Ive been wanting to try this line but am a bit hesitant because of previous bad experience and it ruining my hair. Now im afraid to try anything new regardless of all the claims. 


Anyway, you mentioned your hair not responding as it used to. May i suggest that before you switch to a new hair line, wash with hair with a good clarifying shampoo once twice a week to break up all the gunk that may have build up on your hair. That 'stuff' that gets stuck on our hair is one of the reasons why hair dont feel the same. Your scalp and hair needs to clarify. Clarifying can also make your hair dry so also try doing moisturing hair oil packs once a week to moisturize and balance your scalp. Hope that helps. Smiley Happy 

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@Teddixat wrote:
Has anyone used the shampoo and conditioner.

I absolutely love it! I don't use the "shampoo" and "conditioner" varieties as I have an aversion to the idea since I've been using WEN for about 8 years. I use the Tweak-D Dhatelo Restore and I am on auto-delivery for the Summer Apricot kit that was s TS on HSN a while ago. These are the one step cleansing treatments. I love them!!