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I am wondering about the JM TSV....currently I use Dr. Denese products, morning and night along with the pads at night.  I have great results from her products but wondering about JM Argon oil Josie's products have similar anti aging ingredients like Dr. Denese, or is Argon Oil a natural anti aging product?  Thanks



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Re: TSV Question

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If you're using the Dr Denese facial firming pads, those exfoliate and none of the Josie Maran products in the TSV do that. You can use the Dr Denese pads with the Josie Maran products.


I use products from many brands and don't stick to one brand. Every brand has some exceptional products and some mediocre ones and I would rather take the exceptional products from more brands than use the mediocre products out of brand loyalty.


You didn't list which other products you use, so I can't really recommend which from each brand might be better, but I can say that you can use products from each brand to work together.