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This is the first time I have ordered a TSV and I ordered the Sept. in Fig and TT on AD. It's such a good deal, and a great way for me to try more of the core scents. I'm trying to show some restraint right now though because I'm anticipating trying the FGP in September as well and the return of my absolute favorite WVM! I figured depending on how nuts I go for the seasonals I can always up my TSVs later, but I want to make sure I understand the rules though for changes. I understand that I could change both formulas, but what happens if I increase the number for the second delivery. Am I still limited to two scents or can I choose as many scents as I want? I have just started mixing formulas together so I figured by the time the 2nd shipment comes around I would have a better idea of what core scents to stock up on. Thanks!