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I have VERY sensitive skin the only SPF I can wear is Paulas Choice Resist super light daily defense SPF 30. No stinging or burning. It also doesn't leave a white cast its very lightly tinted. I love that it tones down my redness. Check out the reviews on her site they are great. Its a mineral sunscreen. Good luck. In your search.
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You don't say if you have dry, normal, combo or oily skin.

I have sensitive skin that can tend to be dry and one of my favorites is Paula's choice skin recovery moisturizer with SPF 30. I can even use it on my eyelids which is unheard of because everything tends to sting my eyes! I love it and won't be without.

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I'm so sorry...I didn't mention I have very dry skin also. Thank you all so very much for these recommendations. You have all been so helpful and I am reading reviews on them all. Will post back when I find ""the one"" so hopefully it will help someone else who didn't know their sunscreen was making them look like the tin man with big ole white streaks in their creases and wrinkles.

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I use the highest level I can find in the formulas for babies/children (the one from Coppertone is good). Seems to works great, doesn't sting my eyes and it hasn't left any residue that I've seen. Good luck Smile

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On 3/13/2015 vaccinia said:

Elta MD 41. It is also tinted. It's great for sensitive skin.

Love it! My dermatologist recommended it!
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On 3/13/2015 Hoggie said:

I use the Skinceuticals….I'm allergic to most of the others. My big question is how do you ladies use sunscreen on your face? I apply it and then my makeup foundation. If I understand correctly I am supposed to reapply every three or four hours. I just can't feasibly do this….especially at work…or at all for that matter because I do wear makeup. I apply my makeup each morning at about 3:30 AM before leaving for work….I would need to reapply it again before the sun even comes up! How do y'all do it?

I hope you're able to find something better than Skinceuricals as they don't make a sunscreen that's worth much. It has to have at least 12% zinc oxide (far better than titanium dioxide) as anything less is cruddy protection. Yes, with a "chemical"sunscreen, it would have to be reapplied at least two more times during the day, and that doesn't work with makeup and getting on with your day. Sadly, sunscreen is a pain to deal with.
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I'm using the Josie Maran moisturizer with SPF 47. I like that it's a physical sunscreen and it's not waterproof ( which makes me feel like I'm suffocating)

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I second Josie Maran sunscreen. It doesn't make my face greasy. No breakouts and it doesn't make my face white like other zinc sunscreens.

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I love Supergoop and Josie Maran