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Last night a friend and I decided to try a nail salon that had come recommended to me by one of my clients. We were then going to eat dinner afterwards. So I made appointments for us for 6:30pm.

We arrived at 6:20pm and proceeded to wait 25 minutes for a technician to start my nails. My friend waited an additional 10 minutes even though we had appointments. I asked for a Pink and White Full set, filed thin, short, and square with rounded edges. That is pretty much my standard, as I think it looks more natural and it is easier for me to work with them. I also asked for a red design at the tip since I am going to a wedding where the couple asked all the guests to where a small red tribute to partake in their color scheme, which I thought was a cute idea.

The technician began by gluing a white tip to my nail. I stopped her I restated that I wanted Pink and White Gel, Full set. She said that the overlay would be clear gel but with the clear gel and white tip she could make them thinner and more natural looking than with the pink and white. I decided to try it and let her proceed.

She then cut them, but left them really long. I asked her to take them shorter like I had asked for and she said that she could go a little shorter but because of where she had placed the tips she couldnt take them much shorter than that. At this point, I was a little annoyed because I felt like she wasn't listening to me and was just doing whatever she wanted.

Jump ahead to the finished product, the design was uneven and smeary, definitely not clean or well done, the gel was thick, and much thicker on parts of the nail than others, and she filed them completely uneven and clipped the corners before she filed then so they are this awkward shape where they look like they should be filed completely round but they arent. I've never seen nails shaped that way, and I can't fix it because of how much she filed in on the sides.

I thought about saying something and asking her to redo them but at this point it was 8:00pm, they were closing, we were starving, and she would have had to take them off and start over and we would have been there until after 9, or I would have had to come back and honestly, I didn't trust her to do them a second time after the way they looked. I wish I was more confrontational, but I'm not, so I paid and left.

I more disappointed in myself for not being able to tell her how upset I was. Does anyone else have this problem? How would you have handled this if you were in my shoes?

Sorry for the long post. I just hate that the time and money was wasted and now my nails look like $hit for the wedding and I don't have time to get them fixed before it.