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I think the fairest way to do shipping pricing is offer "free shipping" when a price point is met.
ie: Orders over $75 ship free...or whatever price point.

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I used to love Josie's body butter, bought every TSV, Today Only, etc...if they offered Vanilla Bean and had so many they were stacking up. My huge complaint with Josie is that some of her products are sealed, and some aren't. I decided that I was done buying any products that aren't sealed. 

I actually started making my own lotions and I found I like them way better than anything I used  to 

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@cjm61   Holy cow!  I would not have made that purchase either.   When I shop at say Amazon or JC Penny   if I buy say  3 body butters or what ever at the same time     when I check out  I pay one shipping and handling   since everything is going in the same box.   I think QVC if they are going to ship in the same box should only charge me once.   

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Big big reason why I don't shop at QVC anymore. I think I pay $120 a year for Amazon Prime and that gets me free shipping for the year and orders that get to me anywhere between one to three days. Usually two. And Amazon has everything.  I don't know how QVC is still in business. I don't want any business to fail but you would think they would alter their business model to stay relevant. That $120 a year for Prime includes a boat load of perks. Prime audio, movies, Sports, book titles and more that I can't think of because we just don't use them. DH does have an e-reader and I can download free books for him.

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@cjm61  uh, no, that's really high. I've never purchased from them (or under any of their 500 other names) but maybe they're trying to make up for poor sales with s&h.