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Shawn and the Mally Poreless Perfection Foundation

Let me start by saying, props to Shawn for wearing only the Mally foundation instead of her normal pancake, on air makeup. She looks very nice with the foundation. It looks like her skin. However the whole 2 hour show I couldn't help but notice the very dark line on the left side of her face @ the jawline. It was a very definite line where it looks like the foundation was not blended. It took away from the whole look, making her face and neck appear to be on two separate people.

I was hoping at some point someone would notice and blend it out for her. (Not obviously on air, but while Mally or the models were on camera)

I am by far not bashing Shawn. It was driving me nuts. I would hope if someone is going on televison to represent a makeup line and rave on an on about it, they would ensure it looked absolutely flawless.

Sorry for the long post just thought I'd share.