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I am in need of a gentle, but effective skincare routine. Can anyone help?

I am late 30's, with fair, very sensitive skin. I also have hormonal breakouts and right now some dermatitis spots from product irritation. I would like to get my skin back in shape, as I am a full time Mom and don't like to wear much makeup.

Any and all advice is welcome!

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Re: Sensitive Skin Help Please!

I would highly recommend you look at Paula's Choice. I have dry sensitive skin and mild rosacea, and use primarily her Skin Recovery line. I also use her 2% BHA lotion. I really love it. She has several different lines that would work for sensitive skin though. The Hydralight is for oily combination skin. The Resist line would also work. Go to Paula'sChoice dot com and put sensitive skin in the search engine, and several different lines will come up. Good luck finding something that will work for you.

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Re: Sensitive Skin Help Please!

Mom2myboys, I have been using ASDM Beverly Hills products (huge post on here). My skin can freak out when I use too many products. Matter of fact I am clearing that issue up right now. I am currently washing my face with a variety of cleansers but I have been using a tea tree cleanser on my chin area where the breakout is. It is really working very well. I have ordered tea tree oil and if it happens again I will incorporate a couple of drops into skin cleanser. Right now I just grabbed some Wen Cleanser with tea tree. Red irritated skin, emu oil or JM argon oil works well. ASDM sells a marine complex gel lotion that has a glowing report for oily skin. I have just found the Age Defying Massage Lotion which has many great properties. I am actually using it on my face because I have red spots on both sides of my mouth from retin-a. It has rose hip oil, castor oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E and aloe in it. It seems lighter than creams which I like for the summer. You can email ASDM, explain your skin and they will give you an idea of what to do. They had me use one serum and one cream in the morning and a different serum same cream at night. I have vitiligo and I use a skin bleach and retin-a to control it on my face. Since using those products and ASDM I can go without makeup and I am almost 60. I do use a little bit of mu when I go out only because I feel naked after using it all my life.

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Re: Sensitive Skin Help Please!

Check out Burt's bees sensitive skincare. I have sensitive skin and can use this with no problems.
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Re: Sensitive Skin Help Please!

I'm 39. I'm using ASDM Beverly Hills skincare. I would email them and tell them your concerns. You can find their products at asdmbeverlyhillsdotcom.