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Re: Second Question....who here uses IT Cosmetics

i got the CC cream 2 years ago and i like it so much. Sometimes i mix it with a bit of moisurizer and that helps it smooth out better for me.

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Re: Second Question....who here uses IT Cosmetics

@JumpTheRope wrote:

CC CREAM and finds it their favorite all-in-one?


My daughter got a sample and swears by it, She has a genetic *curse*

of extremely dark under eye circles and has tried every concealer around.


I ordered her a small tube if Bye Bye Under Eye (in Ultra Light) off of ebay

so she can use the CC for full face.


BTW, what size of CC tube is considered Supersized?  The 1-oz.?


The undereye is only .28/oz.


I searched for Supersized but that’s only a QVC title, I guess!


My daughter actually is ULTRA LIGHT...think Nicole Kidman or Paltrow.


But I’m not sure if It CC is available in Ulta Light.


Thanks for any info.!

@JumpTheRope I love the cc cream. I mix the fair and light shades and find it flattering, long wearing, and easy to apply.

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Re: Second Question....who here uses IT Cosmetics

@Mimi 1883 wrote:

@JumpTheRope  I no longer purchase It Cosmetics as they are now being made in China.




Ohhhh, that’s disappointing to hear.

Are the ingredients the same...does anyone know?


Whenever the original owner “sells out” the products usually go downhill, although what made them popular WAS THE ORIGINAL FORMULA.


By then, folks are used to using it and just continue from habit.......until the “next new thing” comes along...


(then makes it Big and Sells Out! Wash , Rinse, Repeat!)


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Re: Second Question....who here uses IT Cosmetics

I switched from BE (ingredient would sting in the summer when my pores opened up) to LG (liked Balance and Brighten but converage not enough as sun spots increased) to IT Celebration Foundation/Powder...I love this product! I can easily even my complexion with a no makeup look and add extra to cover spots and flaws. My only disappointment is the version with SPF 50 seems to have gone away so in the summer I may try to find something else. (The version with the "glow" in it is definitely too sparkly for me).

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Re: Second Question....who here uses IT Cosmetics

I am extremely fair/neutral undertone and can use the Bye Bye Foundation in Fair.  No yellow undertone in the fair at all....I have rosacea and the neutral undertone in this foundation cancels it out perfectly w/o using a concealer.  It is not what I would call a heavy is hydrating and you do need to use powder to set it.  At least I do.  I use the IT powder and it works perfectly with this.  


For myself I need foundations that actually cover...if you don't need that then just use a beauty blender sponge damp and apply this or any foundation to make it more like a BB style no coverage cream.  


I also recently tried the Secret Sauce moisturizer from this line....had a decent trail size one and I love this!  It is so hydrating and doesn't bother my rosacea...great find!

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Re: Second Question....who here uses IT Cosmetics

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@JumpTheRope- I was able to purchase the Super Sized CC cream when it was offered a month ago.  It's 2.73 oz and I have never used it before.  I got the medium neutral and the shade is perfect for me - no yellow coloring.  I apply it with a damp sponge and I get a beautiful result.  So glad I decided to purchase.