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So during one of my 3-1 and lotion boxes from Phil, for whatever reason they threw in the microdelivery peel. I am always scared of those type of products because I have sensitive skin. So out of curiousity and reading numerous reviews I decided hmm if my skin retalliates I will suffer through for a week. I thought as tough as I could go was microdelivery wash and HIAJ.

So I broke the packets open, used a small amount, sealed the rest and tried. And it seemed nice, my skin enjoyed it. So a week later I tried again, and this time my skin felt amazing. No holding back, I really got the orange granules in there and scrubbed!

One little sample, I decided to order it. Then I got so excited about doing more for my skin I bought a small Help Me. Never did I think I could use this and my skin would not react. Perfect!!!

Both of these products I will not use often. Maybe once a week for the peel and the Help Me every other night. So the cost is okay, especially with coupons from Phil site. But I am sold!! I never expected my skin to be this nice during the middle of a cold winter..

I say bring on more samples of some good stuff! Has anyone else been sold from samples?