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Re: SUMMER SCENTS...BEACH by Bobbi Brown

I have an older bottle of beach and it has really good longevity. Too bad that’s no longer the case. I’m really liking sun di gioa by Armani, beach and sunny without the overtly copper tone angle. Longevity is just OK though. I think that’s the way perfumes are now. Another one I like for summer is Jennifer Aniston’s near dusk (at kohl’s, and sometimes at Marshalls and TJM), but longevity is also just so so. I also love sunshine grace, the one philosophy that really lasts on me. I bought it a few years ago at Sephora and added on the olive oil scrub and body emulsion from the Q. With layering I can still smell it 6-8 hours after application. Sadly it’s not one of philosophy’s summer fragrances this year.
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Re: SUMMER SCENTS...BEACH by Bobbi Brown

@Lipstickdiva - I use BBW's Sea Island Cotton every summer - also been using BBW's On The Beach the last 2 years.  Both are very "summery" fragrances, IMO.




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Re: SUMMER SCENTS...BEACH by Bobbi Brown

@so so wrote:

I have heard so much rave about Bobbi Brown's scent BEACH... so I saw the rollerball eau de parfum on QVC. a small size good enough to try it out. So it came today.... so happy with the scent, but I just cannot seem to smell it after I put it on... Smiley Surprised 

disappointing, but it smells so nice.... I have had the same trouble with the Graces by Philosophy. I am beginning to think it is just me that cannot seem to retain a scent.. anyone else buy BEACH?? It really is a beautiful scent. 

Last year I bought Calvin Klein SUMMER. it is ok. but really too heavy.


@so so  Hi!  I also bought the rollerball of BB Beach after giving myself a dab from the store's tester.  By the time I got home, I had a headache.  The scent smells really good at first, but, for me, unfortunately, I couldn't wait to shower it off.  Everyone's body chemistry is different.  I've used Amazing Grace for years.  People usually comment that they like it, but I don't even smell it anymore.