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@cmtracy wrote:

I have mild rosacea & love

located in Arizona, inexpensive, no fancy packaging 

The coral nutrient serum helps my flushing

during hot weather .

Any product I have tried that claims "redness control ir

sensitive" flare me up worse . I have tried so many products until

I lucked out with

Also love their canvas cream under $10.00 that is unscented

for winter months .  I had to switch mascaras over the years

which caused ocular rosacea . Currently using Organic Physician

Formula & hoping it won't be discontinued.




@cmtracy  Thanks for posting the Skinactives info.  It sounds and looks interesting.  And very affordable - wow.  Thanks, again! Smiley Happy

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Welcome , I am hoping will help your
sensitive skin. Email Hannah or Jonathan in customer service
if you have questions, they are professionals .
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Ultra Calming line by Dermalogica. However also you need to talk to your dermatologist about Soolantra and Mirvaso. Awesome stuff

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Besides using prescription Finacea, I use Andalou products. 

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I have gone to the Derm for 12 years trying to find something that helped. My doc called and me that there was research indicating that many of us with this problem are allergic to mite poop.The treatment is a cream called Soolantra and requires a script. My face looks great. The down side ii it costs $300. Luckily she keeps me in samples. It's fantastic. Good luck!

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I have mild redness but the worst is a red spot right on the end of my nose.  I am 70 and when I look in the mirror it looks like a pimple   A RED SPOT   I hate it.

I have used Finacea each night on the tip of my nose but have not seen any improvement.  I wish the Dr. could just cut it out.   I find BM Bisque works good but I hate having something that looks like a teenage pimple on the end of my nose.