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RUBY RADIANCE!! WHY have we never seen this one???

I heard Leslie say that we have never had the Ruby Radiance here at the Q! We also have never had the Berry Custard! I have some of the colors of the Bells and Whistles from other kits otherwise I would love to have it. But I am trying to only replenish or get something I will use that I don't have and is new. I would LOVE to have it though. The colors are GREAT, the blushes and all!

That case is fab too! But I am staying strong and just getting small things that are on sale that are things I know I would use a lot.

But I KNOW I would LOVE that Ruby Radiance as well as the Berry custard e/s! If she hasn't brought it here, I wonder where it has been sold? I wonder if it has been or is in the Boutiques or in maybe an exclusive kit at Sephora or another vendor?

I REALLY hope that she brings those two shades to us! That Ruby Radiance would make a beautiful blush and lip color and REALLY be beautiful on the deeper skin tones. I really hope she gets more than my request for it. It is so pretty!