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Re: Question for @Shanus

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Using tretinoin in a 'micro' form will help reduce irritation from using it. Tret micro comes in the same dosages as regular tret. The difference between those two is how they are formulated and not how effective they are. Micro means the tret is delivered to the skin in micro doses where it's sort of time released in small amounts inside the skin over time which means there is less irritation. Otoh, regular tret is delivered all at once and that can cause irritation for some people. Another positive thing about tret micro is that it can be applied immediately to freshly cleansed skin whereas with regular tret needs to be applied to thoroughly dried skin so it doesn't cause more irritation.


If you're just starting out using tret or just thinking about starting it, check out this HotandFlashy YT vid:


"How To Start Using Retin A + My Skincare Routine for Anti-Aging!"

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I've been using this product a little over 3 months.  I'm not going to buy it again as I don't have any of the problems it targets.  I really just wanted to support Hyram.  I don't have blemishes or scars from blemishes or hyperpigmentation and I use TO's squalane oil.  Isn't retinol a milder form or retin A?  The only issue I would like to address are some invisible, under the skin tiny bumps on my cheekbones.  At this moment, I can't feel them.  At other times they are more pronounced but still under the skin and no discoloration.  Makes me think inflammation has something to do with it.  Inflammation is my nemesis.  I thought Glycolic Acid would take care of it.  And maybe it has to the extent it can.  Anyone else have these under the skin, skin colored bumps on their face (that come and go)?  I have to be careful with my highlight placement.  I don't want to highlight them lol

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