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I have been a fan of purity and on auto delivery for years for the 32oz. bottle,  but....this happened twice to me,  the bottles had a terrible oder,  like burnt plastic.  I returned one shipment and received another and the bottle this time has a terrible oder.  Love the cleanser but can't continue to use it this way.  Anybody else having the same problem?

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@QVCFanfromLongIsland  - I haven't had this issue, but perhaps order it from another location - website or other retailer - and see what you receive.

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I have had my current 32 ounce bottle a while. The odor you mentioned was not a concern, but the product was. I think it has changed. It is not the same product I began using 20 years ago. It seems watered down. Something is just off from the original formula.

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Well, this probably won't be that helpful but I've always kinda disliked the smell of this Purity product. It's never been a a deal breaker for me, but if you notice a major difference from past purchases then I certainly understand. As a sidenote, Skinn has an am and pm cleanser that I used for awhile. One of them I simply adored the smell....and the other one was horrid! It smelled like I was washing my face with Drano. 😲 Definite deal breaker.

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I buy Purity Made Simple from regular stores & haven't had any problems. The QVC bottles are quite large & I have concerns about their expiration dates after opening as well as their efficacy.

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I am just about to open a new 32 ounce bottle.  If it smells like yours I will send it back like you did.  I would be concerned that the product was compromised if it smelled weird. 

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Thank you everyone has very helpful.  This is the second time this happened.  I'm sending it back, cancelled my auto delivery.  Will try to purchase it somewhere else.  Thank you. This is disappointing I use other philosophy products and have no problems.

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Find another cleanser that doesn't have a warning on the label.