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Product and board abbreviations

One of the beauties was kind enough to post this abbreviation list some time ago. The thread has since closed and the boards have been re-vamped since then, but I thought I would post it so those that are interested can decipher some of the product abbreviations that are listed here. I'm sure this is not all-inclusive, so if you have updates to share, please do.

"bump" - keeping a topic alive by bringing it to the top
Brands or Products:
AG - Amazing Grace (Philosophy product)
AOFC -all-over face color like radiance or warmth from BE
BB Bobbi Brown line, but can also be beauty board or beauty balm
BBW - Bath and Body Works (online store and in malls)
BE - Bare Escentuals (mineral makeup line)
CC Cleansing Conditioner (refers to WEN)
CG - Cover Girl makeup line
CS - Customer Service
DHC - skincare line from Japan (
Dr. D - Dr. Denese skin care line
Dr. B - Dr. Brandt skin care line
Dr. P Dr. Perricone skin care line
DY - Diane Young
EL - Estee Lauder line
FIL - Falling in Love (Philosophy product)
HIIJ - Hope in a Jar (Philosophy product)
IBB - Italian Bath and Body line
IE Ice Elements skin care line
JO - Jojoba oil
LG - Laura Geller makeup line
LM - Laura Mercier line
MAC - MAC (M.A.C.) makeup line
MaMa - Mandelic Acid / Malic Acid Gel
MMU - mineral makeup
MN - Merle Norman makeup
Monista or Monistat - Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief (used as a makeup primer) NOT the yeast stuff
NARS - makeup line by Francois Nars
OOO - Oil of Olay
PC - Paula's Choice makeup/skincare
PF - Physicians Formula makeup line
SAM Sweet Almond Mint (from WEN)
CC Cleansing Conditioner
SB - Smashbox makeup line
Squalane - skin moisturizer and lubricant
UDPP - Urban Decay Primer Potion (for under eye makeup)
VS - Victoria's Secret
WHINE = philosophy's When Hope Is Not Enough line

A/D = Auto-Delivery
BB beauty board, but also, Bobbi Brown
BF Boyfriend or Best Friend
BIL = Brother-in-Law
DD = Dear/Darling Daughter
DIL = Daughter-in-Law
DH = Dear or Darling Husband
DS = Dear/Darling Son
ETA Edited to add
FIL = Father-in-Law
IMHO = In my humble opinion
IMO In my opinion
ITA I totally agree
HG Holy Grail (product)
HTH Hope this/that helps
LOL = Laughing out loud
LMBO = Laughing my butt off (if only we could, eh? )
MIL = Mother-in-Law
MU Makeup
MUA = makeup alley
SA sales associate (at the makeup counter or Sephora or Ulta etc)
SIL = Sister-in-Law
TIA Thanks in advance
TSV Today's Special Value
TY thank you
TTYL talk to you later
OT or O/T stands for Off Topic (in this case, NOT beauty related)
OMG = Oh My Goodness
ROFL = Rolling on the floor, laughing
ROFLMAO = Rolling on the floor, laughing my a-- off
WWYD is what would you do?
YW = you're welcome

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