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I have noticed that some vendors say to press in the face product ( like Josie Maran's Argon Milk) and some say to rub it in (Perricone's Neuropeptide Lotion). Does it really make a difference? How do you apply your face products?


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If it's a moisturizer I rub it into my face, if it's an eye cream I pat or tap it in.

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I mostly pat since reubbing slightly stretches the skin.  I'm sure either way will cause absorption.

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It might make a wee difference (or not) in the method of application for the type of skincare you are using.


Actually, I gave this a lot of thought, and I do things several ways: oil massage (well, that is self-explanatory); water-type toners patted in (patting for facial stimulation); serums are smoothed on; moisturizer, pressed in.

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I just smear the stuff on....

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See how complicated our lives have become! LOL Smiley Very Happy

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I smooth on serums and usually press in oils. Once in a while I’ll swipe oils on too.


The only rubbing I do is with my cleanser.  I try to avoid rubbing my skin as much as possible.  



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Thanks for everyone's input - nice to see what others are doing.

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@deerfeeder wrote:

Thanks for everyone's input - nice to see what others are doing.



It's a good question!


I have decided to tap it in instead of smoothing it on.


Just to see if it makes any difference!



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@Desertdi: Me to, its just going to melt off are faces anyway in about a week or two Woman LOL