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Who uses the shower gel for shampoo?  I just did this morning and happy with results.  I did not use conditioner after, just one little pump of Bumble and Bumble Invisible oil.  I alternate with WEN, Beekman, and Tweaked but WEN and Tweaked make my hair limp day 2.

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@bargainsgirl   I have not had a problem with it. I keep it in my camper also to reduce taking a lot of bottles camping. Works okay for me. 

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Caution if you have colored hair. I'm thinking it may have sodium laureth sulfate.

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It definitely contains sulfates and artificial dyes and other chemicals. 

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I love Philosophy 3 in 1s to use as a body wash or bubble bath but I would never use it on my hair b/c of the sulfates.  I don't use shampoos with sulfates not only b/c I color my hair but the sulfates tend to dry my hair out.  However, DH who has very oily hair and washes it daily,  uses it regularly and his hair looks great.  

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Yeah, I also think that it depends on if your hair is either dry or oily and whether or not you color your hair.


I have natural hair color, and I used to use the Philosophy 3 in 1s to wash my hair. I didn't have a problem when I was using them.


My hair tends to be quite a bit oily on my scalp.



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I have a love/hate relationship with Philosophy Shower Gels.


It is hard on my very dry skin and hair, consequently I don't ever use it on my hair. I do use it as body wash every now and then. I cannot pull myself away from 2 of the scents.,Cafe au Lait (retired scent that on occasion is pulled from the "vault") and Lemon Custard. I just have to over moisturize when I use them!

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Yes, I use the shower gel for my hair---beats anything I've tried and spent tons of money on. I do like Tweak'd scalp mud stuff tho---I use that once a week. the others make my hair go flat within a few hours of washing----never use conditioner--same result

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My very dry and color treated hair doesn't like it but I love it as a body wash. I was just thinking yesterday that they've not come out with new spring/summer scents. The last one I got was with the TSV, I got the lavender scented Grace and it smells like bug spray. I don't buy during Christmas because I'm not a fan of food scented soaps but I always could find something nice when their botanical scents were introduced. I know, off topic, but needed to vent Woman Very Happy

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I use it once or twice a week. It works great as a clarifying shampoo and my hair comes out fine as long as I use conditioner.