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I have thin, fine straight hair. Back in the 80s I got bodywaves regularly,  I was young, no grays, hair was not colored treated. Now I get a few highlights every 4-5 months  and re touch root growth about every 6 weeks. I’m wondering if I could continue that with a gentle soft perm without frying my hair. I think I’d be willing to give up the highlights but would need to continue root coverup. Does ANYBODY get perms now? I’m just tired of my thin hair, straight hair that takes a lot of effort to style and im never really happy with. My stlylist can make it look much better than I can with a good blow out, but seems to me if I’m spending lots of time  with hot dryers and flat irons couldn’t that be as damaging as any soft perm. I would love to wear some beach wavys, my hair will not hold curl for a minute. I am scared of coming out with a a poodle look!😳 What do you think, should I or shouldn’t I? Anybody getting perms and color treatments, how has your experience been? Any stylists want to weigh in?

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Most of the younger stylist do not do perms.  You would need to seek out a shop and stylist who know how to do perms well. 


Yes, you can color and perm hair, but not on the same day.  It can dry your hair out though.  Always use an experienced stylist so you don't get a lot of breakage or frizz.


Modern perms are better than those old fashioned rotten egg smelling ones, but perms require expertise in wrapping the hair correctly and knowing when the process is completed and how to correctly apply the neutralizer.


You should be okay if you use an experienced stylist who knows how to do perms well.

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I color and perm.  I don't do highlights.  I get a perm once a year before summer when I'm outside a lot doing yardwork.  I just got my yearly perm Monday.  My hair takes a perm very easily.  You say your hair doesn't curl well, so I can't say how yours would take a perm.  I know I had a friend who once got one, came out looking like a poodle, but a month later you couldn't even tell she had done it.  Mine has to be grown out. I usually have to give it a month to settle down.  So far though, it's been pretty good. Curls.jpg

Pic taken day of the perm.  

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I get a body wave plus my hair is cut in lengths.  My hair won't curl without the cut because of the weight.  I do use two pumps of hair gel to help hold the curl so humidity doesn't make it fall.  I use a one inch curling iron.


Speak with your stylist to find out the best treatment and how to support it for your texture.  None of us are alike.  Have fun!

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You didn't say how long your hair is but layers help hold body & curl.


A flat iron does just that...makes the hair flat. Have you tried a few heated rollers or a curling iron?  Try some beachy wave products like Not Your Mothers.

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Re: Perm?

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@Sherrie08  I have been getting large rod perms for many years  - three times a year.  I also color and highlight now for about 10 years now.  I alternate the color with highlights and perm every so many months and it works out great.  Finding the right perm for your hair is the most important thing.  There is no one size fits all.  I don't use any heat, curling irons, etc on my hair and it is healthier than when I did that daily.  I wet my hair daily and use a moisturizer.  I use Carol's Daughter products to prevent breakage.  My hair is pretty much wash and go now.  I only put a few rollers on the top while I do my makeup.  I find it much less damaging than using heated blow dryers, styling irons etc daily.   

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I'm quitting perms.  I use smaller rollers to get a look I want and sometimes the medium size.  I too am a member of the thin hair, but lots of it club.  Straight too.  I'm not a straight hair person.  Nor am I a long hair type person.  (preferences).  


I wonder if you'd consider wigs for what you have written here?

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If you have a stylist you go to regularly and are happy with, then I would make an appointment for a consultation. Discuss your concerns and what you would want to happen with your hair and how you would want it to look.  Hopefully, then she could tell you what she felt would be the best options for you to achieve the look that you want.  Options which would leave your hair in the best possible condition and still give you the style options which you are desirous of having.  


I haven't had perms in many, many hears.  When I did, I had very thick hair and also colored it.  It did get a bit dry and so I had to do heavy conditioning treatments on it.


As others have stated, there is no way for us to tell you how a perm will react to your certain type of hair.  This would be something that professional stylists would have to discuss with you. 


Best of luck and let us know what you decide to do! 

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I agree with the other posters stating to find a stylist that can give you good advice based on your hair type.  Maybe she/he can do a few "test" strands to see how your hair reacts before taking the plunge.


I say go for it and good luck!  Would love to see a pic of your hair should you decide to perm.

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@Icegoddess- Your perm is lovely  - including your color!  I've always been envious of ladies with curls - whether natural or permed.


Thx for posting a pic.