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I must have received an old batch of their 1 oz. hand cremes.  12 to a box.  Opened the first one and nearly gagged - it smelled so bad; second one was not any better and finally took a third which was just as smelly and had to wash my hands and arms (kept trying them on up the arm).   They smelled rancid.  This was my first foray into Perlier and will be the last.  Sticking to Korres.


Called c/s and they are going to refund me in full.


So disappointed.  Was really looking forward to placing one in my handbag - one in the bathroom - and another by the kitchen sink and a fourth the family room.  (((sigh)))

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I am not impressed with that brand, but I have never received anything that smelled rancid from them.

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I love Perlier and I bought that set to give as Christmas gifts.I had a couple left over and have opened and used mine - they were delightful. One was lilac - I felt like it was a spring morning as I washed with the bath gel and then I used the lotion on my arms & legs.

I much prefer Perlier over Philosophy any day.

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I returned Perlier hand creams a while back.


Each one smelled worse than the next.  A big yuck !

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I still think Bath & Body Works have an amazing assortment of products. Plus you can’t beat their prices and most of all the sales.
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I bought a Perlier Olive Oil Set and gave it as a Christmas gift. I wasn't sure what to think. It was on sale. So I suspected it might be old stock but I wanted Olive Oil and the pickings were slim. So I held my breath and bought it.


The person was so happy to get the set. It smelled so good. I went back and bought another set. Not sure about any other scent but I was so pleased with Olive Oil.

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I have been buying Perlier since it was on QVC.  Never received an item that had "gone bad."  Also, I have such a huge supply that I keep many for a long, long time and never had any go bad.  Glad you got your refund.    (also use Philosophy and Korres)

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I've used their creams before.  I don't think they are anything special.  I much prefer Deep Steep's body butters.

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I buy hand creams, body butters, and shower gels from The Body Shop - great scents, great sales, and all their products are cruelty free.

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Sorry to hear that you had a problem  with your set. I purchase these every year and have never had a problem. HSN has great CS.