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I purchased an oil called IPKN on Haute Look at a reduced price.  I love it.  However, it seems now that is no longer offered and DHC (sp) comes up as an alternative.  I intend to order DHC on amazon.  Other oils recommended were available at Sephora on the Sheshido line.  I am fond of the oil cleanser and apply it on a dry face and massage then add water to my fingers and the oil works up to a milky cleanser and cleanse with water.    It leaves  no residue and I find it removes makeup including eye makeup perfectly.  I follow with a serum. 

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@lexi wrote:

Trader Joes cleansing oil.  effective and inexpensive.

Love it! 

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@lexi  I didn't know that Trader Joe's has a cleansing oil. I'll have to try that next (which will be a while, because I have a big bottle of Burt's Bee's).  

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Thanks everyone!  This sounds like something I might like to try.

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Oil cleanser as makeup remover is good I think, but as a regular cleanser/toner, not sure especially for oily skin.

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@JudyL,   I received a sample recently of an oil cleanser.  I did not like it at all.  You will either like it or you don't.  

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I'm 60 and still have acne-prone, oily t-zone skin.  I resisted using an oil cleanser because I had a horrific breakout using DIY oil cleansing recipes from the internet when it was all the rage around five years ago.


Fast forward to now and every beauty company, it seems, makes an oil cleanser.  The difference is that surfactants (emulsifiers) are added to the formula which aids in removal of the oil from your skin without leaving an oily residue.


If you have dry skin and aren't acne-prone, you can probably use any oil cleanser just fine.  Since I have acne-prone skin, I stay away from oil cleansers with camellia oil and olive oil since I know that those oils break me out.


So far, I have successfully used Neutrogena cleansing oil and L'Occitane 5% Shea Cleansing Oil with no breakouts.  Simple has just come out with one that I would like to try next.


Anyway, I rub one or two pumps of the oil on my dry face to dissolve face and eye makeup, then wet my hands and rub my skin some more.  The water mixes with the oil and looks milky (that is what the surfactants in the formula do - help the oil and water to mix and emulsify) and then rinse your face off.  Since I have oily skin, I follow with a foaming cleanser and a Forea Luna dupe that I purchased at Sally Beauty.


Some cleansing oils leave more of an oily film than others, which is great if you have dry skin.  Many women with dry skin don't follow with a foaming cleanser and just use the oil cleanser.


These oil cleansers are similar to using cold cream to remove makeup, except you just rinse it off instead of using tissues to wipe if off.  As far as I'm concerned, the micellar waters are just makeup removing liquids that have been renamed, lol, and you use up a lot of cotton rounds, what a waste of money.  

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This is one of my dilemmas too, I have a very oily skin and prone to break out, thats why I'm very cautious when it comes to any oil-based cleanser/ toner

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I highly recommend One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil +Makeup Remover. They rarely have sales and not discounted often, but I received an e-mail that they will be having a big four-day Cyber sale coming up. They didn't give the dates yet, but I imagine that it will be this weekend.

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I’ve been using Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil....yep, expensive, but received a sample and loved the fragrance.


The greatest thing about an oil cleanser is that there’s no need for a separate eye makeup remover...the oil does it all. In the morning, or days when I wear no makeup, I cleanse w/ Cetaphil or Purity.


After I finish this bottle of B.B. oil, I may switch to organic coconut oil. I tried my daughter’s that she purchased at Whole Foods and liked it just as well.