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Has anyone seen progress using the NuFace? Do you think the mini or the larger one? Thanks

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I have been wondering the same thing. Would love some responses.

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There have been several threads on this. I've had the trinity for 27 months and yes, huge difference for me. Used it daily for the first year and then 5-6 times a week but that's me. I'll be 70 in February and was looking really haggard. Depends on your age and how much help you really need I guess. I needed a lot of help and injections and slicing and dicing was not something I could or would ever do. Too cringe worthy for me. I am more jowly than wrinkly. Hope that helps. Oh and that turkey neck has receded a lot. Still there but farther back if that makes sense.
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I got the mini not quite a month ago when it was the TSV. I am 44, but started getting wrinkly, crepy hooded lids in my late 30's. I also lost weight a few years back, and ended up with this very noticeable turkey gizzard jiggle thing hanging under my chin and neck.

I have been using it faithfully for a little over 3 weeks and I DEFINITELY see progress. My gizzard thing is getting smaller. Much less noticeable. And the crepiness is much less on my lids and they don't look nearly as hooded. I was looking in the mirror the other day, and my face and eyes just look really refreshed and vibrant. Like I have been on a fabulous vacation and got a ton of sleep. For me, that's a huge score at only 3+ weeks. I do the 5 minute and the advanced sitting in front of the tv. I plan on using this forever if I have to. If I get to a point where i have can go down to 2-3 days a week like they say you can do, great. But I have no problem using this over the long haul.

I read a lot of external sites, forums and reviews before I ordered. I Figured why not since we have the extended return. It gives me 90 days to try it. I figured if there was nothing at 90 days, there wasn't ever going to be and I could send it back. I followed the advice of a ton of people on different forums, and didn't use the serum that came with it. I just use plain old Walmart aloe vera gel that is dirt cheap. I read a lot of people get severely dry from it or or break outs. I get worse breaks outs in my 40's than I did in my teens. So I wasn't going to take a chance. The Aloe vera works wonderful. My girlfriend had to switch to the aloe vera after a week or so because the serum really dried out her skin. She is in her 60's order the TSV as well and is seeing changes in the eye area.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for all you post. Going to give it a try

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Nice to hear the comments. I've been wondering about this since I have that "turkey neck" thing going on as well as crepey cheeks. Using aloe vera makes sense too. Perhaps I will give myself a Christmas present and try this, especiallyl if I have extended return.

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I bought the recent TSV and started on November 1st using this. I really do see a difference in my jawline and the space between my eyelid and brow ( much better for seeing where my eye shadow goes ). I was an esthetician years ago and know this kind of technology works so I really look forward to the next few months in seeing more and more improvement.