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Re: Newbie needing help with Wen

Bamboo Green Tea dries my hair and I can't use it alone. My hair needs a LOT of moisture and I almost always use Fig when I wash. My usual combination is Fig and Tea Tree. Some days I use a Seasonal only or mix a Seasonal and Fig. I can only use BGT if I mix it with Fig. I've been mixing it with Fig and Fall Tuscan Pear and it's worked well for me, but I won't repurchase BGT. I did buy the Mandarin Italian Fig TSV and will either try it mixed with Fig or return it. I can and do use 613 on its own, but my hair is sensitive to too much protein, so I only use it a few times a month.

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Re: Newbie needing help with Wen

On 3/25/2015 AlleyCat said:
On 3/25/2015 cnd8 said:

My hair is similar to yours. I use BGT, but I do not leave any other products. I only use the CC. I am never weighted down.

This may be what I end up doing. I will have to play with it and figure out what is best.

You may try to add one product at the time, but not too much. Then the other. Then both, but not too much. You'll be able to see how your hair reacts, and how much product it will take without being weighted down.

These products are very good. They also help to protect and nourish your hair. Plus, it's easier to style using them, even if it's only with your fingers.