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I don't watch that often and I happened to tune in this morning a made a purchase of stain remover.  Looked like something I really needed. One of the hosts looked different than I remember.  Perhaps she was  trying out a new makeup line but her face looked really shiny and glowed.  For me that would not be a good look.  I was wondering if this was a new trend. 

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I was curious so had to check it out.  Don't know who that host is but yes her face is shiny.  Not a trend I would want to follow.  Looks oily or sweaty to me.


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I think she likely got a little overexhuberant with highlighter this's easy to do so. I use it with caution and still wonder what I really look like in person with it on. Beam me up, Scotty! LOL! 

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There's a huge difference between dewey and oily. Highlighter is overused a lot.

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@Shanus @I love the look of highlighter but, I'm always afraid I'll over do it! Oh, I tried you tip of adding a lip liner to the rms lipstick, worked like a charm. It was very pretty! Thank you!

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I didn’t think she looked oily or sweaty. It just looks like a dewy finish foundation to me. I like the look.
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Shanus, sooo true!!

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I like glow but not shine. That would take me back to my teenage years😱😱😱
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Possibly studio lighting had a lot to do with the look.