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I noticed that the cold plasma+ does not have DMAE, while the original cold plasma does. It appears they moved to Copper Tripeptides for firming in the new formulation. Interesting, DMAE was one of the ingredients Dr P was so high on. I wonder how much he’s involved in formulations nowadays ...
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Re: New cold plasma+ ingredient

@Fluke67  Hi, I saw it does have DMEA in it [read online] it was indeed on Q's, Dr. P's TSV but looks like they say "sold out" now for that TSV. Why I didn't buy the TSV was b/c of the DMEA in it (just not into that ingredient) along with glycolic acid since it's too much for me using gly peel pads or my lactic acid cream every few days or similar exfoliants as it just makes the skin more vulnerable to the sun. BUT they DID NOT mention or say to use a sunscreen or sunblock or while using these?!

Angered me a bit as it makes ones skin so much more susceptible to getting skin spots and aging if using these w/o a good sun protection. Now I watched watched many of the presentations here nearly all day/night (felt a bit sick yesterday and now)  maybe not in their 100% entirety but quite enough of the shows lol! No mention of sunscreen. This is not good skin care teaching at all. Just into skincare and teaching about this subject Smiley Wink

I'd have maybe bought IF there was DMEA at the bottom of the deck list and w/o glycolic acid. Good price though.. darn. Wanted to try something new too!

Maybe Dr. P was bought out as so many others are...goodness knows when things do change it's when they are sold arghh. Doubt it mention of it.

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Re: New cold plasma+ ingredient

Perricone and other over-priced skin care items a scam! Topicals cannot firm or tighten or remove wrinkles the way those phony pictures show. Waste of money!