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Today was official first wash day after getting a new perm on Tuesday.  In reality, it was the first time shampooing it.  I always wet it down the day after getting it. 


Years ago, they told you not to get it wet for a couple of days, but that never happened.  I've never had one fall out on me.  Once it's there, it's there for the duration.  I did have a friend who got a perm.  She came home looking like a poodle and a month later you couldn't tell she'd ever had one, so everybody's hair is different. 


My hairdresser who gives me great perms told me once that they just got through washing my hair, so why would it fall out?  This time she told me I could color it on Thursday, but I told her that would be next week even though a perm pulls some of the color out. 


Pics of the back, side, and a partial front pic.  I have no makeup on since I washed it after doing war with a couple of hollies before showering.  I'm not going anywhere this evening.


7 JUN 2024 Perm Back.jpg


7 JUN 2024 Perm Side.jpg


7 JUN 2024 Perm Front partial.jpg

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Your hair color and curls are very pretty @Icegoddess 

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Re: New Perm, First Wash

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Your hair stylist does such a good job @Icegoddess .  The color and style suit you well.  You must be pleased with her work.

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Do you (or others) both color and perm?

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@San Antonio Gal , yea I am.  I have been going to her for years, especially for her perms.  I've had bad perms in the past.  Previous hairdressers ASSUMED that because I had long hair (back during the Farrah period) and fine hair that it would be hard to perm, so they cut it shorter than I wanted and left the perm solution on longer and I ended up with helmet hair and cried.  And that was right before my wedding photo for the newspaper.  Remember when they used to do that?  Luckily, it was much better by the time for the wedding pics.  


My current hairdresser used to check me at the minimum time and I was already ready.  She no longer has to check.  Just set it for the minimum amount of time and start the washing/neutralizing process.  

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@granddi wrote:

Do you (or others) both color and perm?

@granddi I do.  That's why she told me I could color on Thursday.  I color my own, but use professional products.  

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What a great perm. I am so, so jealous. Your color looked great too.

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BEAUTIFUL perm job (and color)!!!

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@Icegoddess   Beautiful hair, I love it and your color.

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Perfect, just lovely!