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I have a whole house water softener which makes a huge difference with our horrible hard water. I also have been a Wen-chick for probably about 5 years. My stylist keeps me blonde-ish every 6 weeks. I also have a few peekaboo fuchsia sections. My stylist is amazed how long those last without fading a bit, just grow out.

Good luck with your highlights!

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Thanks HD and Lucky Charm, excellent idea. I just went online and looked at the shower heads and filters and found some really great prices too! I learn something new every day on these boards.

GmaJewele I hope you find some of these tips useful too!

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I use the Kerastase color line. There is a great mask (?) for moisture and one for color as well as great shampoos. I also use the Frederick Fekkai color line.

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Nick Chavez makes a product called Color-Saver Color-Gloss Sealer. It says it prevents color fading.

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Wow Ladies! Thank you so much for all your suggestions! I've got to look into a shower water softener. I'll also be looking into all the product recommendations and tips.

I knew I could count on all of you!