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I used to have nice hair.  I was able to blow dry it straight and someimes I'd just put some mousse in it and I'd have pretty beach wave curls.  For the past year, all I do is wear it in a messy bun.  My hair is thinner and stringy looking.  Frizzy too (my hair was always prone to frizz).  It doesn't take to any styling.  Any advice?

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Any chance you could just "go with it?" I understand about hair that thinning...mine has started that, too. Mine is bone straight, however, so I would love it I had a little frizz. We always want hair that we don't have, right? There are a jillion products out there, so if you really want it to not frizz, I bet somebody on this forum will have a suggestion for you. Smiley Happy


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My hair was thinning and nurse practitioner suggested trying Biotin tablets to try and slow the thinning down; have been using it a year and it is helping. Also makes my nails grow super fast which I don't like. My hair has always been straight as a stick so can't help you with the frizz issue. Our heat and humidity is always the biggest challenge for me. I can spend time doing a blowout and even using a few Velcro rollers for volume and it lasts inside but falls flat after a few minutes outside. Wish mine were long enough for a messy bun but I think I am too old to pull that off! 

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@ScrapHappy - I think you should find a hairstylist you can trust to give you a style you're comfortable with. Do some research. Talk to people. If you find a salon explain to the receptionist what you're concerned with and ask her/him to match you with the right person. 

Even getting some of your ends trimmed could make a big difference.




Good luck!  Smiley Happy

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I think nothing can replace a really good haircut.
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@Duckncover    I also use Biotin and my hair is thick and wiry.  It also tends to friz (AZ heat) and is generally unmanageable.  I really can't do a thing with it.  That's why I wear a wig!!Smiley Very Happy

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I took biotin for many years thinking it could help my thinning hair. But all it did was make my hair very coarse and wiry so I stopped taking it. Now I take bamboo silica extract and that has made my hair soft, silky and very shiny. It's very healthy so there's very little hair fall or breakage.

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Re: My Hair...UGH!

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My hair is also thinning. Biotin did nothing for my hair.

I have or had dry patches all over my face. I also have some dry places on my scalp. I figured whatever is on my face is on my scalp. 

The only thing I could find to help my face was Cerave SA cleanser. Last week I figured if it works for my face it will work for my scalp so I washed my hair with it. My hair looked better washing with it then it does most shampoo.

Cerave should make a shampoo with SA instead of only a baby shampoo.

The only shampoo that does not leave my hair all frizzy & dry is Joyce Giruad moisture shampoo/conditioner. I add a couple drops of tea tree oil to the shampoo in my hand before washing. I also like her dry oil.

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@SilleeMee @Would you please share what brand of bamboo silica you use and where to purchase?
Thank you!

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I never did have good hair .. but age .. and medications I am taking

is not making it any better .... Oh well .. I'm still kicking .. that's the

most important part ....and I keep reminding myself I am not a

woman living in other parts of the world .....