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In the software biz, we have a concept known as Minimum Viable Product, which means tech with the minimum necessary requirements for use.


So, it got me to thinking:


What is your Minimum Viable Makeup (MVM)? What is the least amount of makeup you wear that still makes you feel like yourself?


After skincare and sunscreen, mine is:


  • Loose translucent powder
  • White sparkly power for the inner eye corner
  • Blush/bronzer Two in one
  • Lip tint/ lipstick
  • Lip gloss

What's your MVM?

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@Squirrels Are Trash  - good topic!


Mine are:  IT CC Glow or light foundation, brows, mascara, liner on lower lash line, blush, bronzer, lip gloss or lipstick with lip liner.  Geez, guess that's about everything isn't it?  Not very minimal.  HAHA

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LIp color


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For me, it depends on the season.  Spring thru fall, if I have a tan, I can get by with blush, mascara, and something on my lips.  Fall thru spring, I'd have to add cc cream or foundation.

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After cleansing and a moisturizer; I use foundation.  I use Doll 10 TCE because I get good coverage but it's sheer and a tiny dot on the brush does my whole face.  I use a dusting of Laura Geller baked bronzer.  A lot of brown mascara.  Lip color.  I have many lipsticks and glosses.  


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Mineral powder brushed on


Eyeshadow and liner



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MVP for me is nothing.  That's what I wear 99% of the time and I go everywhere that way.  At most I'll color my brows.


If I feel like a minimal makeup look is needed like when I meet friends for lunch, then it's:

       a light foundation - Fenty is good

       Benefit Gimme Brow & Fluff up Brow wax

       neutral light eyeshadow with a slightly darker color in crease

       eyeliner pencil



       lip gloss


A lot of a minimal LOOK has to do with how it's applied, not the number of products.


I go full-on glam for church, not because I feel I need to, but because i enjoy it.  Many of the people I know from church I'll run into when bare-faced, so it's not like I NEED to wear makeup for them.  And since our church has merged with the college age kids church, dress is much more casual.  I'm not a fan of the baseball caps though.  I still consider that inappropriate.  


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@Squirrels Are Trash


Ah,  topics close to my and makeup 🥰  My MVM has been the same for years. Lips and lashes.  It's the two things that give the biggest impact and that people look at the most when talking to you...your eyes and your mouth.  And I will add a third thing to my lips and lashes mantra. Fragrance

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@JudyL  I was hoping everyone would have fun with it😉😄!

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Oh me too! "Lips and Lashes" would make an excellent band name, you know, should you need one. 😛