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Hello ladies,

I was wondering if I could ask for some opinions on Mascara...

For the last few months, probably a year, I've gotten free small samples of mascara seemingly back to back from stores, so I haven't had to buy a tube in awhile; and got to try out some nice high end brands. Problem is, I didn't like any of them enough to shell out for a normal size tube. Before I got the samples I was using the Covergirl tubes (I forgot the name, but the bottle was a vibrant orange hue) and I loved it because it was waterproof and the applicator was really nice in my opinion. Also, it didn't burn my eyes...

The samples I've tried include: Bare Minerals (can't remember the name of the tube I had), Lorac (cobra mascara), Mally (the one in a white tube you see on the Q all the time), Benefit (they're real!), and another I can't recall at the moment. I found that they all weren't water proof-at least for me, they didn't give me raccoon eyes, but as soon as the smallest amount of water hit my lashes they'd bleed. Also after wearing them for awhile (4 or 5 hours) my eyes would start to burn... Which I hated... I'm finally getting to the point where I've run out of samples and need to find a new tube and need some help finding a good option.

I don't want to buy the covergirl option I used to use, as lately I've been trying to buy cosmetics that don't test on animals. But I don't know where to look. I'd love to find a brand that is waterproof, has a nice applicator and won't burn my eyes after 4 or 5 hours of wear.

Thanks so much for your help ladies!

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Have you tried Blinc or Eyeko? They are very very sweat proof for me and do not irritate my sensitive eyes. Sephora has a try-me mascara kit right now which includes Blinc and a few others. They don't test on animals. The It Tightline is waterproof, but I found it irritating. I agree, Mally in white tube is good, but for me it is not sweat proof.

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Covergirl Professional Mascara in Waterproof. The price is great and so is the mascara. I ALWAYS use waterproof. I rotate between that one and Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes (curved brush) or just the Maybelline Colossal (Straight brush)