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I have used Mally's mascara in the white tube (volumizing) for the longest time, I finished my last one. I am now using Bare Minerals Lash Domination (I got it in a kit) and am not loving it. I don't like the brush and find the formula goopy and it ends up under my eyes and on my brow bone. My question is what are some of your favorite high end and drugstore mascaras?TIA

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Re: Mascara Favorites

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IT Super Hero

Essence Lash Princess (green lettering)

Maybelline Lash Discovery (dupe but better than (Better than Sex by Benefit)

Kokie Volumizing & lenghtening Mascara (new at Walmart, have not used yet)


My mistake on the Dupe for Better Sex Mascara by Benefit. The DS dupe is Maybelline Volumizing Lash Paradise.

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Re: Mascara Favorites

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I tried many but keep going back to L'oreal Voluminous in the gold tube.  Great brush, goes on smoothly, doesn't give me "raccoon eyes."    (you'll probably receive as many recommendations as there are ladies on this board!)

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I, also, like IT Superhero and Maybelline Lash Discovery.

But, due to the brush, I love MAC Extreme Dimension.

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Been using these two for years:


Guerlain's Maxilash mascara-Not waterproof, but has lots of staying power


Dior waterproof mascara-Not as kind to my lashes, but definitely waterproof

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Almay one coat thickening mascara. White tube, purple top. 













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Shout out- Loreal primer! Searching myself new mascara.

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Lancome Hypnose

It Hero Mascara

Bobbi Brown()trying to think of the name-will look it up and come back to my post).

Too Faced Better Than S******e**********x mascara! 

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Two of the vloggers I watch swear by IT superhero mascara - their lashes look amazing, they say no flaking or running.  I have not tried and probably won't at her prices.  They say you can get samples at Ulta. 

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Ok. It is called Bobbi Brown Smoky Eye Mascara! Love it!