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Mary Kay makeup - and selling it

I'm wondering if anybody here uses -- or sells -- Mary Kay makeup?

I ask because someone I met recently asked me to try the sample of a microdermabrasion liquid and a "renewal" cream. I promised to get back to her in a couple of days once I'd tried it. And, I will.

She also is trying to get me (I think) to become a Mary Kay salesperson. Wants me to come to some weekly meeting they have "so that you can find out more about it." She wouldn't tell me anything other than that.

Though she made a point of asking me what makeup I use now. Quite frankly, I don't remember whether I had used any that morning since all I remember doing was .. in my mad dash out of the house .. was wiping my face with water and drying it off. I *MAY* have brushed on some of my Laura Geller Balance 'N Brighten. But I don't remember. When I looked at myself in the mirror when I got home, it *IS* possible that I *had* used my Balance 'N Brighten. But since Balance 'N Brighten doesn't ever give itself away .. since it just does its job very well.. I couldn't figure out if I looked to HER as IF I *was* wearing makeup.

In any case, I told her Laura Geller Balance 'N Brighten. She showed no reaction to that. I think that maybe she hadn't heard of LG. So, I took a few minutes to tell her about it. Now, I was finding myself in the position of "having" to "teach" a makeup sales person about LG's product. She was saying that I was using a powder. I said -- no.. it starts as a cream, is baked, and the colors swirl in the pan. Put it on and it "self corrects" its color to match your own face's complexion. She then said "oh, it's a mineral." I said, "no, it's not."

She wanted to know what I used as a cleanser. I told her Philosophy's Purity. Without her saying so, I "got" that she didn't have a high opinion of Purity. Or, maybe she had never heard of it (which I sincerely doubt). It would be natural for her to "poo poo" any product other than the ones that she sells. So I let it slide.

She then started to tell me how microdermabrasion works. I told her I use Philosophy's microdemabrasion liquid. I got the same response from her that I did about Purity.

Before she started talking too much about what products Mary Kay had to offer for cleaning and microdermading, I told her that I was not going to be buying anything from her. If for no other reason than, quite frankly, I had no need. That I had PLENTY of such product at home already. That my "stash" of Purity and Microdermabrasion liquid from Philosophy was so much that it will be at least a year before I need to buy anything more of either product category.

She then switched the conversation to talking about my feedback on the 2 samples she'd given to me. Gave me her Mary Kay business card. Said she'd been "with Mary Kay" now for more than 10 years.

She's nice enough. Yeah. I'll try that microdermabrasion liquid sample and follow it up with the "renew" sample, which, I think, is simply a moisturizer to be used after the microdermabrasion.

I promised her that I'd phone her in a couple of days. She offered to contact me in a few days if she hadn't yet heard from me. I gave her permission to do so because, frankly, I'd already sincerely promised to call her with my feedback on those 2 products.

Before I speak with her next, I hope that I may have your comments about Mary Kay products? and/or about working for Mary Kay as a salesperson?

Thanks in advance!