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Mary Beth will do an OK job on ET READY GORGEOUS, but Elise is so vivacious and begins the show most days without makeup and applies products during the show.


It was a different, special beauty show I looked forward to with Elise.  

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@Shanus I completely agree with you. Elise is my fave host! I even watch for what outfit she's wearing Smiley Happy I'm glad the Q gave her this show - it seems to be perfect for her

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She is on a vacation visiting her family and with her mystery handsome boyfriend. She is so happy. I follow her blog and on Instagram. She is a doll and I am very happy for her. 

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Me too when I tuned in I was dissapointed to see Mary Beth ,  this is not her forte.   Elise is just so good at explaining and also putting on all the products as we watch along .   She is one of my favorites!   

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Elise is an awesome host!!  I just wish that they would give her more prime time shows!