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Re: Lisa R. doing a commercial

@mintedrose  wrote:

Im happy for her to do what she desires but im a little perplexed. I thought she left the Q because of stalkers, so how does being on informercials solve that?


Maybe she didnt tell us the truth. 

@mintedrose .  I don't think she left her job because of stalkers. 

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Re: Lisa R. doing a commercial



Do you remember the channel you were watching?  That commercial has been out for awhile.  

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Re: Lisa R. doing a commercial

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She's not worried about stalkers. If she was she wouldn't do all those live video chats carrying her phone on a stick while walking the streets of New York and Vegas and that botanical place somewhere near where she lives nor talking about where she likes to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner around her home area. It's obviously a non-issue these days.

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Re: Lisa R. doing a commercial

I think that was an infomercial that she did for Dr.Denese. Same thing but longer time.

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Re: Lisa R. doing a commercial

I only use bar soap.  My obgyn told me to stay away from the chemical laced liquid soaps years ago.  Love goat milk soap.  Skin is soft and glowing.

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Re: Lisa R. doing a commercial

Wise decision. I switched to the liquid of this version and my Surgeon asked "what the heck I had done to my skin?"   When I responded changing to liquid soap, I was told never to use it as it had an ingredient I should not be using.  Now to be precise, not saying others should not but it did ruin my skin which we are still working on.  Something they add to make if liquid made my skin peel like a croc but for most others it may be very safe.   Surgeons told me to use Cerve but I still like my Dove better.  

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Re: Lisa R. doing a commercial

@texasmari wrote:

I saw Lisa on television today doing a commercial for Sarah's Beauty Bar. Has anyone else seen it? During the commercial she said she has never done a commercial, but I thought she did do one with Dr. Denese.  It is also on line if anyone would like to see it. 

If I remember correctly, Lisa Robertson and Dr. Denese are personal friends, have travelled together, etc.  I think you're correct, that Lisa appeared on a Dr. Denese informercial.  Technically, there's a difference between an informercial and a commercial so she's being truthful.

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Re: Lisa R. doing a commercial

She is a liar she has done commercials with Dr. Dennis why is she saying she hasn't. She did leave the Q cause she had a tantrum cause she did not get the money she wanted doing Gilly. So they said bye bye. Now from working from living room she is moving to a old farm . Big bucks she has made on the Q.
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Re: Lisa R. doing a commercial

I've seen her in that Dr. Denese infomercial. So, I don't think it's honest to say she's never done a commercial.