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Re: Liquid eyeliner recommendation

Kat von D Tattoo eyeliner works great on my oily eye lids. I also second the recommendation of Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner. 

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Re: Liquid eyeliner recommendation

I second the nod to Kat Von D liquid Tattoo eyeliner.  Love the Mad Max Brown.

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Re: Liquid eyeliner recommendation

I just picked up the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid liner at Ulta and tried it out today.  I was quite pleased with it.  It comes in several colors and is in a skinny pencil-like container with a skinny brush on the end.  I was even able to do a bit of a cat eye with it.  I love gel liners, but the pots dry out so quickly and the pencils I can't get a good cat eye with.  I have round eyes and there is an indentation the liner never wants to stick to as I extend the eye.  Stretching it out distorts it.  The Stila eyeliner did stay all day.  It won't come off using my Cameillia Oil cleanser but readily comes off with Lancome Bifacil eye makup remover.


I also picked up a Too Faced Sketch Marker which is very similar.  It also comes in several colors.  I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but I did test on my hand and it also requires eye makup remover to remove.