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Never really thought about this before.  Question: Do you wear lipstick?  I always put it on, somethings bright, sometimes faint.  Because I have very fair skin, silver hair and green eyes I tend to look for mauve shades.  

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Yes I wear it but not daily.  I use ChapStick lip moisturizer in colors, gives a hint of lip color when I go out for errands and such.  Lipstick used when I go full blown makeup,.

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Never wear lipstick. My lips naturally have enough color to them.

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I wear a lip product everyday! I wear many different shades. I'm now looking for a nice deeper shade. I stay away from orangey, peachy shades. Those don't work well for my complexion. 

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In the house, not usually unless I'm trying out a new one. I will keep some kind of lip balm or oil on them if/when I think of it.  Usually I'll apply after I brush my teeth and do morning skincare.  I may or may not reapply during the day, but I will put on some kind of lip treatment before bed. 

Out of the house, always.  I gravitate toward mauves, plums, and berries, but will also use taupes or reds, when my outfit requires it.

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I used to wear it all the time before I retired, now I usually only wear some sort of chapstick. My lips have color to them naturally but, when I wear a full face of makeup, I need a little lip color. I tend to gravitate towards peach tones. I used to wear the old Buxom lip glosses from Bare Minerals, loved those and the colors they offered. I've not found anything comparable to those. I do know that Mally's are not for me.

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Yes, and actually that is the only makeup that I always wear.  My lips feel better with it on.

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I always have something on my lips, balm, gloss, tint or lipstick. makes me feel and look better!

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My current favorites are tinted lip balms which I often wear.  When at a boring meeting at work my friend would pull out a lipstick and say that it's time for lipstick therapy!

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Anytime I leave the house, even on my daily walk I put on lipstick.  I don't wear any other makeup since Covid, but always lipstick.  I'm still using my holy grail Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in Chase Your Dreams.  When it was discontinued, I bought all I could find and keep it in the refrigerator.  I've never found another color that looked so good or felt so good on, without a terrible scent or taste.  Occasionally, I will use Mac Lustreglass lipstick in Syrup that I got on the Q.  Back before the Bare Minerals lipstick, for a long time I used Laura Geller Sweet Berry.  Obviously from my post, I am slightly obsessed with the perfect lipstick.