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Just wondered how all the ladies are doing that purchased the Hair Max back in early March as a TSV.  I am thinking of ordering one the next time it is a TSV.  Any feedback?

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I've had my Hairmax comb since it was first sold on the Q several years ago. I have had very good regrowth all over my head. It's been a very positive experience for me.Woman Happy I even bought the I-Grow helmet thing when it was sold here, too. Between using the two laser devices my hair looks really good. I use the Hairmax comb for the sides of my head and the I-Grow for the top.

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Just looked at my account and the delivery date was expected to be Feb 28th and I think it came on time sooooooo that would mean I'm into week 9. Should have made a notice of my start date. Can't honestly say I've noticed any new growth (took a good look with my magnifying mirror before replying) however it seems to me that when I shampoo & condition I'm not seeing as much hair in my hair catcher that I keep over the drain. Prior to using it there were those "oh my God" moments when I'd see the gloms of hair in it. Still hopefull that in a few more weeks some new "sprouts" start showing up.

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I have until June to return it. I didn't get it for pattern baldness. I got it because I was very sick last year and in July had major shedding. I was in the hospital and you could see it all over the white sheets. It stopped after two weeks but the hair left was not healthy.


My hairdresser said my hair is coming in nicely. I don't know if the Hairmax helped or if it just came in healthier by itself.


If I didn't need the money I'd keep it. But I'll return it and if I have more shedding when I stop I'll buy another one.


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I think for most of us who ordered the TSV in February, that it is too soon to see growth.  From what I read, some see growth at 4 months, but for takes a minimum of six months.  I started using it Feb. 22 and so it's only been a little over 2 months.  We have six months to return it.  I took photos before I started using it so will take more photos towards the end of July to see if I can see any growth.  So far, I shed the same amount as I did before.