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For those of you that use LRP skincare products and have a local Ulta store,  they have a few of their products on sale for 75% off.  In store only,  they have already removed them from their online website.  


Thermal Spring Water Reg. $12.99 for $3.25

Anthelios 50 Mineral Daily Tone Correcting Tinted Primer Reg. $39.99 for $10.00

Effaclar BB Blur Light/Medium Shade Reg. $29.99 for $7.50

Toleriane Ultra Reg. $36.99 for $9.25

Rosaliac AR Intense Reg $39.99 for $10.00


They are fresh and not expired products but do have expiration dates, however I purchased some with expiration dates of 04/19.  So just be sure to check if you are stocking up.  Apparently, they are just scaling back the product line and will still be handleing the best selling products. 


Plus you can still use the $3.50 coupon off of $15.00